[NEWS] 120528 Kim Jaejoong Praised for His First Sageuk Acting in ‘Dr. Jin’

JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong received high praises for his first sageuk (historical drama) acting for MBC’s Dr. Jin.

With episodes one and two of Dr. Jin aired on May 26 and 27, Kim Jae Joong attempted to transform into the character of Kim Kyung Tak, using the sageuk dialect and low tone of voice.

Also, Kim Jae Joong received praises for his diverse expressions showing the strictness of a high officer, the affection towards his loved one, and the pain of being born out of wedlock.

But as it was his first sageuk acting, Kim Jae Joong had awkward moments spread throughout the two episodes, making viewers feel unfortunate towards the actor.

Not appearing in the original Japanese production, the role of ‘flower soldier’ Kim Kyung Tak has been receiving a lot of attention from viewers. After the episodes were aired, ‘Dr. Jin,’ ‘Kim Jae Joong,’ and ‘Kim Young Tak’ were ranked high on various portal sites, receiving comments such as “Eye candy of Joseon times” and “He did great for his first sageuk.”

In addition, a Twitter trend of #JJinDrJin was placed first in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, confirming Kim Jae Joong′s popularity as a hallyu star.

Meanwhile, Living Like a Dream sung by Kim Jae Joong for the soundtrack of Dr. Jin has also been receiving popularity. The song placed high on various music sites.

Photo Credit by: C-Jes Entertainment
Credits: enewsWorld
Shared by: eternally5


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