[TWITTER UPDATE] 120522 Yoochun Twitter Update



Yoochun: There are only a few days left in the shooting. It seems to be the longest and will pass very quickly than any other day. ‘Rooftop Prince’ made me stronger… against the pain and joy



@PR_babe to Yoochun: Right now, you’ve become a skilled actor… Can’t you go slowly.. ke

Yoochun to @PR_babe: Thank you for thinking this way..^^Have to sincerely do my best in the future…^^

@PR_babe to Yoochun:  After your drama ends, [I will] bring you good albums. Work hard! kekeke

Yoochun to @PR_babe: hehehe [I will] anticipate^^



@TAE_SAMA to Yoochun: Rooftop Night Crown Prince.. I appoint you as one of the member who will stay up all night in this drama’s best night! A little more to go! Hang in there the crown prince who will stay up for the whole night!

Yoochun to TAE_SAMA: Hehehehe This is a bit too much^^Okok!!! Even though I want to make myself disappear but that won’t happen~^^


[TRANS]: See you later~^^ Is your heart pounding very fast? Keke



@zerotic0124 to Yoochun:
 Hwaiting~~빠규(F*** you)!!,!!

Yoochun to @zerotic0124: ~^^Thank you~blueberry much!!^^
(T/N: He really wrote that, thank you very much in a fun way^^)


@wowkimsohyun You…. who told you to be so pretty!!!

Source: 6002theMicky
Translation by: theyoungestmin + maettugi via yujini + naemaeum
Shared by: JYJ3
Re–shared by: eternally5

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