[FAN ACCOUNT] 120523 KJJ Taipei Fanmeeting – Part 2

Ok. I probably had 3 hours of sleep last night. My eyes are blood shot but I’m feeling on top of the world. The fanaccount I wrote earlier was just off the top of my head. No sequence of events. I’m going to add bits and pieces as I remember more.

Jae has great skin. Given that the stylist probably slapped some BB cream on (which I thought was probably very little – I couldn’t see any color difference at his jawline/neckline), he had no visible blemishes, no visible pimples, no visible pimple scars, no big pores. Again, when I last saw Kim Hyun Joong(KHJ fans don’t bash me….) , you could see his stylist had slapped on far too much BB cream. It was such a thick coat you could see it a mile away. Unlike Micky whose pimple scars are really obvious(ok… fans find it sexy….), I really didn’t find any on Jae’s face. That boy’s skin is a girl’s greatest nightmare – it really is that perfect! The only “flaw” on his face? His eye bags – but that it probably due to his nightmare filming schedule.

During the fanmeet, Jae whined/complained that he found that he had aged a lot since he last met the fans in Taipei, just like with everyone else in the audience :P – more wrinkles on his forehead. He cutely scrunched his face so that the forehead wrinkles were more conspicuous. Those too promptly disappeared once he relaxed his facial muscles. The MC said that even if he was a pimple face and full of wrinkles, the fans would still love him – to which the fans loudly agreed in unison. LOL.
During the first game, Jae had to act out flower boy. That one stumped all the 10 fans on stage. Finally when the MC revealed the answer, Jae cutely made an effort to pose again. He had one leg up on the speaker on stage, bent forward, and then swept his right hand back (Happy Days Fonzie style) across the right side side of his face. The screams were deafening. LOL. U could tell Jae was in a good mood. Yay!

He also acted out the freestyle swimming pose – complete with standing at the starting podium, jumping off the podium, and coolly swimming across the stage. Baby is just far too CUTE! :D

While acting out the working out pose, he did some push ups on stage but sadly my view was blocked by that damned speaker :(

When Jae sang “NO GAIN”, you could tell he was proud to sing it. Not half hearted like a person sometimes does when he has no choice. When the fans sang along at the Baby Baby … part, he was clearly pleased that the fans knew the song so well!

Something I missed last night which I hoped to be able to see, was Jae sticking out his tongue. You know the way he sexily just sticks it out the corner of his mouth, he didn’t do it one time the whole night, as far as I could see. Sigh….

I really like the MC last night. He was great in bringing out Jae’s playful side. They were giving each other playful slaps/pushes the whole time – each time drawing screams from the fans. Oh, Jae gave the MC a US$2 note as a gift.

Jae apologised sheepishly after singing FOR YOU. He said that it was a type of song where you need to prepapre yourself to sing, like getting into the mood. This song was just after the 2nd game (I think) and he was slightly taken aback when the MC told him it was time to sing. Haha. Poor Jae. He said he didn’t really get the mood and got some lyrics wrong. But then, no one in the audience was complaining :) I was just happy to hear him sing this song LIVE.

There was segment when they brought on a board stuck full with post-its which fans had written their questions earlier. One of the questions picked was what he would like to give to his gf for a Valentine’s Day gift. Jae said that rather than giving her a surprise, he would prefer to give her something she wants so he would ask her first. My type of man! I sometimes hate surprise gifts to which I am supposed to pretend to like but actually I don’t…

Another question was about why he liked elephants. Jae said that many years ago on a trip to Thailand, he said that he would like to take a ride on an elephant but didn’t have the chance. That comment over the years evolved to him liking elephants. He said that his house is full of elephant gifts from fans. A fan held up a green colored stuff toy elephant, and Jae commented “I have 30 of that particular stuff toy elephant at home!” LOL

He was also asked if he preferred older or younger women – he passed on that one :P He also answered one of his sequence of washing when he takes a bath. He said he shampoos his hair, washes that off then puts on conditioner. Then he brushes his teeth. After which he washes the conditioner from the hair. Then he washes his body. I’m certain the fan meant the question to ask how he washed his body, but Jae sneakily skimmed past that part. Clever boy! LOL

When they played the fan made video, Jae was standing stage right. The video was made for him, and he watched with everyone else. Basically the video talked how Jae once said fans were like eye-lashes. They drop but they grow back. Fans wanted Jae not to forget that we will always be there. He only needs to turn around sometimes to see us behind him supporting him. The text in video was in T Chinese and Korean so Jae could understand. When it ended and Jae came on stage, the tears in his eyes. Sigh…. I’m tearing up now just remembering that. He choked up slightly when he answered the first question after the video, calmly cleared his throat, laughed his nervous laugh and carried on.

His teeth :) I think Jae’s got pretty big teeth. LOL. It’s really obvious because his face is a bit thin now. He smiled a lot last night. And flashed those pearly whites every single time. He shows his entire set of teeth – both the upper and lower (most people show only the upper set), so u can’t really miss how big they are. LOL

Credit: staygoldvicky
Shared By: JYJ3 + eternally5

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