[ARTICLE] Photo Stills from the Last ‘Rooftop Prince’ Filming Revealed

With just one episode remaining in SBS’ Rooftop Prince, JYJ has released photos of the last shoot. 

The photos showed Park Yoo Chun carefully studying his script, while dressed in his traditional wardrobe, confirming his return from the present day to his rightful state as king of the Joseon Era.

In this scene, Lee Gak will be solving the mysterious death of his crown princess, which began the entire drama series.

On the tearful wedding that Park Yoo Chun shared with Han Ji Min on the May 23 broadcast, Park Yoo Chun said, “During the good-bye scene with Park Ha, my heart hurt and was overwhelmed. When Park Ha says, ‘I should have said good-bye,’ I started crying outside of the camera and got in trouble.”

After seeing the photos, fans commented, “Crown prince, please don’t leave,” “I was so happy because of this couple,” “It’s not ending like this right?” and “I can’t believe it’s ending already.”

Meanwhile, Rooftop Prince episode 19 recorded a national rating of 15.1 percent and a Seoul rating of 17.3 percent. With episode 19 ending with the tearful good-bye between the crown prince and Park Ha, fans are eagerly waiting for the last episode of Rooftop Prince. Episode 20 will air on May 24.

Photo credit: JYJ Official Facebook

Source: enewsworld
Shared by: eternally5


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