[TWITTER UPDATE] 120521 JYJ Twitter Update

Yoochun twitter update:

[TRANS] “To film for Rooftop Prince I’m just~mm~ here in Seoul^^~ Recently, I’m always getting flutters from and overwhelmed with the love that is showered upon me♥ I’ll always live with the same heart as now^^~ Have a happy and great week ahead~~^^ Twa~~~~~h http://t.co/WZPF0F4a

[TRANS] “The weather is so good~ I want to go play~http://yfrog.com/mgyddwnj

[TRANS] “But I’m so slee~~epy~~”

[TRANS] “It’s not!!!!!Sleepy~that’s it!!!!!!!!!!”

[TRANS] “In these days~~~I’m so happy~~!!^^♥”

[TRANS] “♥」♥~ Yoohoo~~ Eheung~ Oho!!! What am I doing~~~ Hyurururu ah… I should stop this now…. Bye”

[TRANS] “Hmm… What to do… Seems like a big problem….”

[TRANS] JS to @mjjeje “Hyung~ It’s been hard lately right..?? As such, eat properly and cheer up!! All of us fighting ^^”

[TRANS] JS to @6002theMicky “Why are you in such a good mood keke”

[TRANS] Chun to @1215thexiahtic “The harder you work, the better things get^^ I should live like that^^”

[TRANS] JS to @6002theMicky @mjjeje “Let’s all be stronger..^^”

Source: 6002theMicky+1215thexiahtic
Translation by: AllRiseXiahtic+_alovelikewar+theyoungestmin
Shared by: eternally5


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