[TWITTER UPDATE] 120513 – 120518 JYJ Twitter Update!!

Jaejoong Twitter Update:

 [Trans] “The up-do is so tight… It feels like my forehead is being pulled in as well.”

[TRANS] “Hyung (referring to himself) finally received the album!”

[TRANS] “Thanks so much all of you for your Dreamee* in the production report conference~ When I think of it which can help many people, it makes to move my shoulders up and down!”

*Dreame is the organization where fans ordered the rice wreathe to show support for Jaejoong’s Dr. Jin press conference

Junsu Twitter Update:

[TRANS] Good night~ babies..^^”

[TRANS] “I’ll pillow your head on my arm..^^ Good night”

[TRANS] ” The stars are shining in the sky and it’s so silent this night..”

[TRANS] “Bora Bora~~”

[TRANS]  “In MV. appeared in a very short time for those who wondering in this style~^^”

[Trans] “Let’s meet this weekend..^^”

[Trans] “Thanks to you all~always^^”

[TRANS] “Tarantallegra!!”

[TRANS] “Our friends M.E.N. went to South Soma City and sent me this picture, but I felt really sad after seeing the picture. In future I think FC Men should continue to show our support.”

[TRANS] “Hoo~~~~~”

[TRANS] “I’m in good mood today….ㅎ”

[TRANS] “Let’s all be more happy..^^”

[TRANS] “A tree covered in dew..^^”

[TRANS] “It’s been a while I tried singing ‘Why can’t you love me’ alone in my room..Tears are formed without me knowing it..It’s not even the performance..But strangely my mood became better..I miss Mozart “

[TRANS] “For the success I can only look forward..Like a foolish child.. The small child in me when I was young..He also asks me..Why can’t you love me..Just the way I am.. (T/N: They are lyrics from the song “Why Can’t You Love Me” in Mozart musical).”

[TRANS] “The cute child in my life..I’ll keep it in my memory..I’ll not go back..I want to continue with my own path..It’s meaningless to go back..You don’t love me..The way I am..Why can’t you love me..Please love me.. Just the way I am….” (T/N: Another part of the lyrics from “Why Can’t You Love Me”).

Yoochun Twitter Update:

[TRANS] “@wowkimsohyun So Hyun~~~ Our birthday’s coming up soon~^^ haha”

[TRANS] “@beyondmonica hahahaha~^^ Really??”

[TRANS] @wowkimsohyun hahaha~^^ I smile because of you~^^!!!”

[TRANS] @wowkimsohyun ♥♥I’m giving you two hearts twa~~ah!!!”

[TRANS] “@wowkimsohyun Eh~~~~ Then you should call me oppaㅠ What do you mean ‘uncle’~~!!!!!!!^^”

[TRANS] “@wowkimsohyun: ^^ You did great~ So what if you do get last place, so what if you get zero marks^^ The important thing is that you kept your promise. It’s a promise that is easily neglected as we go on with life, but stick by it too in future^^ Oppa will do so too^^ Fighting~twaa!!!!^^” (T/N: Sohyun uploaded her report card earlier as she agreed to show YC, but she forgot to remove her class number so she deleted it right away)

Source: mjjeje + 1215thexiahtic + 6002theMicky
Translation by: AllRisexiahtic + theyoungestmin + _alovelikewar + neonoenjena + dongbangdata
Credits: PrinceJJ + JYJ3
Shared by: eternally5


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