[FAN PROJECT] 120513 Let JYJ on Music Stations, no more censoring them

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Junsu’s recent tweet has made me think a lot…

“You can stop streaming or whatever it’s called~ I’m satisfied making good music and singing good songs… and I’m satisfied with you fans who listen to the music… fairness has been something long gone for us… even so, I’ll continue to try hard…”

Hasn’t this type of thing gone far enough? They’re still not allowed to perform on music shows, they weren’t even nominated for last year’s Daesang when they were one of Super Junior’s biggest competitors.

All of this is because the companies are scared of SME, we know that much… if they let JYJ on music shows, SME will not let their own artists on the show any longer, which means the viewing for that show will go down on the times JYJ are not there anymore, since the artists from SME are the most anticipated ones. To make it more clear: SME is saying if JYJ go to the music shows then SME will not let Yunho & Changmin, SJ, SHINee, etc on there anymore. JYJ being on there will bring many viewers during the time they ARE, but afterwards since SME artists won’t be there anymore, it means the ratings will never go at a peak anymore without JYJ being on there… that’s to say, JYJ are humans. They can’t be on the music shows 24/7 even if they were allowed to be, that’s why companies have more than one idol because they make different money off of them by cycling them in turns. For SME’s case, Yunho & Changmin, SJ, SHINee, SNSD, f(x), and now EXO are all rotated. And for the music shows it means many views during different times of the year… do you understand it? JYJ can only be on there for the album they make (speaking hypothetically). So either way, viewing won’t meet to the standards of what a show needs to continue running.

It’s true these companies fear SME. There was something that JYJ was going to attend and SME got mad, saying if JYJ attends they will not let their artists attend the event.

JYJ are already in their mid-late 20’s by now. It’s been a long road, hasn’t it? Right now, they are at the peak of their careers, they should be shining so brightly but they aren’t allowed to because of all the suppression…

Junsu says he’s satisfied but I don’t believe JYJ is satisfied with this. I don’t believe they are truly happy living under these conditions. They have a constant censor on them. It’s just that they don’t want to worry us, so they tell us, “Don’t worry, everything is okay, we are happy~”

They are thankful for us, but really isn’t it US who should be THANKFUL for THEM? Who’s music did you listen to when you were lonely, sad, upset, or angry, to make you feel better? Who’s performances, back when it was the five of them on stage did you watch because it made you happy to see them so energetic and happy? Who’s words do you listen to when you feel like you need a real “idol” to look up to? Who’s songs did you chant your heart out to? Look at all your albums and posters, their faces are on there… They keep singing and being positive and continuing through despite all the hardships. They push themselves to ultimate limits to make us happy. We should be thankful. Because I don’t know about you, but if it wasn’t for JYJ (and Yunho & Changmin) I would be a lost person.

They show us their gratitude all the time, being patient with some of this fandom who is even hard to be patient with. They are so generous to us. They do a lot to make Cassiopeia happy.

We should give back to them somehow…

JYJ are going to serve their military duties soon. You know this right? It’s something that no one wants to talk about but I’m bringing it to the surface right now because it’s a reality…

I’m thinking to make a project for JYJ. Because I don’t believe nothing can be done about this situation with the music agencies and such… SOMETHING can be done, can’t it? Cassiopeia is powerful. We’re the biggest fandom, counting all in Korea and Japan, then the international fans. We’re bigger than any other fandom. We should have some type of power too, just like SME does…

So we should stand up for JYJ

but I really need help, obviously I am one person who is not well known and cannot do much because of that, and I am not currently in Korea. I just want this message to be spread around to every country, every Cassie should read this. Let’s unite like this, okay? Translate this to whatever language you can. English is universal…

I want it to reach Korea.

If Cassiopeia from Korea can read it like that…something can be done, right?

It doesn’t matter if you’re an OT5, if you are a JYJ stan, right now I’m talking about JYJ. So OT5 and JYJ stans should unite right now, because no matter how you look at this, it’s unfair to JYJ. We should do something to make it easier for them.

I don’t know how much can be done but I think something can. We can’t sit by and let JYJ continue to live under these type of conditions because of censorships just because the companies fear SME…

So I’ll continue this project like this. Please spread this message ✰

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