[TWITTER UPDATE] 120512 – 120514 JYJ Twitter Update

Junsu Twitter Update:

(Trans) When the sky touches the earth..”

(Trans) “Someday I will definitely go there again.. Together with the person I’m going to love.. Someday… For sure, the dream that I’ve had for such a long time.. Bora Bora~”

(Trans) ” You guys may stop streaming thingie please~ I’m satisfied with that I just sing a good song and there’re you guys who hear me sing the song. Fairness has already been a fairy tale (literally: a far/distant story) for us and even so, I’ll never be worn out(or give up)…^^”

(Trans) “I want to go there~”

Yoochun Twitter Update:

(Trans) “Twa~~~a~~~~~~~~^^”

Jaejoong Twitter Update:

(Trans) “At times when my body and heart is fatigued, the thing that torments and wears my mind out is music, but it is also music that heals my spirit that slowly becomes smaller as it wears out bit by bit.. So I can’t give up on music, and neither can I not care about it.. Even though I don’t get many hours of sleep, the short time that I spend writing songs is evidence of that, so.. What should I call this.. “

Source: 1215thexiahtic + 6002theMicky + mjjeje
Translation by: 126×204 + Evy901, AllRisexiahtic
Credits: DBSKnights
Shared by: eternally5


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