[NEWS] DBSK’s Changmin Reveals Insecurities About Being Quiet

DBSK‘s Changmin revealed some of his insecurities that he developed during his career as a celebrity.

On the episode of MBC‘s Joo Byung Jin Talk Show that aired on May 10, Changmin admit his gratitude towards fellow member Yunho.

“[In DBSK] there is a quiet, cold guy and a talkative, big-hearted guy. Because I didn’t talk much, it seemed like I was really distant, especially around the talkative guy. Everyone around me thought that I wasn’t being taken care of, so I started developing insecurities about my lack of speech.”

To this, Super Junior‘s Lee Teuk said, “Yunho can just cut down on his talking then.” Changmin answered, “I hope people like me, who just don’t talk much, won’t feel insecure about it and will live more brightly.” Yunho, being the jokester that he is, said, “I’ll cut down on my talking.”

Changmin, you and Yunho have your own personalities. Don’t feel insecure. Your fans love you both for your individual selves!

Re-shared by: eternally5


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