[FAN ACCOUNT] 120511 Jaejoong Filming Dr.Jin

When Jaejoong was filming Dr.Jin this week, there were a lot of kids who came to Folk Village for a field trip. The kids were shouting at Jaejoong “Jaejoong!”, “YeongWoongJaejoong!” and “Kim Jaejoong”… all his names were called all around. haha. So Jaejoong was shy.. XD then he covered his head with his Sageuk costume. While walking with putting it on his head, he put it down when he feels hot, and he repeated putting it down and up. He was so cute~

And Dr.Jin staffs were amazed because everyone there recognized him LOL While moving inside the Folk Village, a teacher told the kids “That person who just passed by is YeongWoongJaejoong… you know?” then kids said “Yeah~ We know~”

……… this is so cute XD

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A Comment from DC KJJ GALLERY: 그때 스텝들이 굉장히 신기해 했어.다 알아봐서…민속촌 안에서 이동하는데…어떤 선생님이 방금 지나간사람 영웅재중이에요…여러분 아시나요??그러니까…아그들이…네…알아요…그랬어..넘 귀여웠어..^^

Account from the fan who took the photos above:  pic.twitter.com/p87XOpfN

Re-shared by: eternally5


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