[TWITTER UPDATE] 120508 Yoochun Twitter Update

(Trans) “Sand that turns water droplets into diamonds~ ^^ “

(T/N: Take the translation with a pinch of salt please)

JYJ3 Note: 

(Korean fans thought his tweet was a response to a post on PYC DC gallery.)


The original post in PYC DC: I want to know how many fans Yoochun has. There are at least 650000 people following his twitter. Now I know why we are all a grain of sand on the ground. I’m also one among the sand. Then I wish we’d be at the tropical coast.

(Trans) “Amongst the various ingredients that fill the groceries basket, the ingredient I love the most is my mother’s love…”

Source: 6002theMicky
Translated by: _alovelikewar, AllRiseXiahtic
JYJ3 Note: Korean to Chinese translation: yujini Weibo; Chinese to English: mandragore of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3 
Reshared by: eternally5


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