TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho Talks the Past, Present and Future in ‘1st Look’

“I am ‘ing.′ I am always in the present progressive. I am making my own ‘ing,’ and when I face the ‘end’ I would like to let out a hearty laugh,” said TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho.

In light of the impending, highly-anticipated release of SM Entertainment film I AM, entertainment and lifestyle magazine 1st Look sat down with a few of the agency’s top idol stars, including TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho, who opened up about his trainee days, performing at the Tokyo Dome and his future plans.
“I worked my butt off,” said the singer of his trainee days. “The harder I worked, the more my skills improved. It’s also important not to lose sight of your original intention and your core as well as take things to heart.”U-Know Yunho also revealed that in high school, when everyone else wrote letters to their future selves, hoping to one day read it when they attained success, he wrote a letter to himself to be read when he failed. The letter is, however, nowhere to be found, according to the singer, and unnecessary as he has found incredible success with idol group TVXQ.

TVXQ recently wrapped a three-day concert series, held at the famed Tokyo Dome, which drew out more than 165,000 fans and where U-Know Yunho, who rarely cries shed tears of joy.

“It was special because we were standing on the Tokyo Dome stage again for the first time in three years,” said U-Know Yunho. “The fans changed the lights to white during the show. That’s when old memories suddenly flashed before my eyes. I even thought ‘This is why I stand on stage.’ I essentially kept the promise to myself that I would only cry when I’m happy.”

Finally, U-Know Yunho, who has realized his childhood dream of becoming a singer, revealed that his final wish is to build a school and open a social welfare facility.

The TVXQ leader said, “I want to be a supporter who gives advice and strength to those like me who dream of becoming a musician. It’s a dream I’ve had since I was in middle school. They were a part of what I desired at the time.”

For more of the interview, check out the latest issue of 1st Look on newsstands now.

Credits: enewsworld
Photo Credit: 1st Look
Shared by: eternally5

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