[FAN PROJECT] Junsu’s 1st Solo Album, UNEQUALLED – XIA TARANTALLEGRA Group Purchase

A group purchase for Kim Junsu’s first solo album XIA TARANTALLEGRA is in progress.

*Price: 17800won (Price of the album + Make Junsu’s Solo Top the Chart Project)

(Make Junsu’s Solo Top the Chart Project: A project to group purchase Junsu’s songs online to make it top the Melon music chart. As Online music market is extremely important, we decided to group purchase not only albums, but also music files online.)

Album + Make Junsu’s Solo Top the Chart Project + Wallet-size picture(Synnara Record’s gift) + Poster(comes in a poster case) + Random Card(Picnic Xiah’s gift) + NEW PINK XIAH Fan

*A narrow margin that comes from the exchange rate will be used to support the Make Junsu’s Solo Top the Chart Project

*The shipping fee varys according to the quantitiy ordered and nation, so please make inquiries individually.

*Group Purchasing Schedules: Starting date of 1st deposit 5/4 12:15 p.m.
Deadline for 1st deposit 5/11 (the purchases will be reflected in the Hanteo chart on the day of release)

*Shipping: We are going to recieve a direct delivery from Synnara Records, and ship it to each nations.
However, the more orders we recieve for the group purchase, the shipping may be delayed.

*It is possible to ship it to your friend’s address. In this case, you must also write your friend’s address, name and phone number.

*How to make the payment:

Paypal picnicxiah@naver.com
Bank account: 367-21-0229-030 국민은행 김세희 (Kookmin Bank 김세희)


1. Name of remitter:

2. Name of addressee:

3. Phone number of addressee:

4. Address:

5. Amount of deposit:

6. Quantity of Order:


Click on the link to go to the group purchaseing page.
$16 will be suitable for the album’s price

Credit: Xiahpress, jyj3.net
Shared by: eternally5


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