[TWITTER UPDATE/TRANS] 120501 Junsu Twitter Update

Note: Tomorrow (2/5) is Junsu’s last 2 show as Death in Elisabeth Musical

(Junsu) “Before I realized it.. it’s reached the end huh…^^;;”

(Junsu) “Thank you for giving our mother such pretty clothes as presents~^^ Gguljame~ I hope business becomes even greaterㅎ” (T/N: Gguljame 꿀자매 is an online shopping mall set up by the two sisters Lee Hyun Kyung and Lee Hyun Young http://www.gguljame.co.kr/)

(LUsyndrome) A” picture with Junsu-hyung today after the last show~~Boohoo.. It’s sad ㅜ “
(Note: Lee Seunghyun plays Rudolf in Elisabeth musical. Today is his last performance with Junsu)


Source: Junsu + Other’s Twitter
Translation by: AllRiseXiahtic + _alovelikewar
Credits: DBSKnights
Shared by: eternally5

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