[PHOTO+TRANS] 120502 JYJ – Twitter Update


“Doctor Jin Hwaiting!”

Junsu to:

▶mjkim8200 | “Director-nim…Nuna, about today’s successful conclusion haha hwaiting -[in reply to]- It was a very early final performance for you!! What can I do!! ㅠㅠ You worked hard. I will miss you.. ㅠㅠ”

▶yoonphantom | “Hyung, since we were able to stand together on the stage, it was very niceㅜ -[in reply to]- You really worked really hard…until the last one, coolly set the stage on fire!! Fire~~!!^^”

Yoochun to:

▶beyondmonica | “Whoah… goosebumps… really… whoah… Later, when Yoochun has a daughter, I think you’re not gonna be a Daughter Stupid but a Daughter Sunflower~”

*Daughter Stupid (ddal babo) is when the father treats the daughter with great care when teaching her while Daughter Sunflower (ddal haebaragi) is when the father lets the daughter learn on her own as a way to teach her.

▶wowkimsohyun | “That’s good to know..^^ Stupid… don’t get sick ㅡㅡ;; -[in reply to]- Thank you^^ Now I have gotten~totally better!! You must have been busy and yet you still worry about me, you’re really kind^^~~ Your highness”

“Everyone has at least one door that leads to their heart’s secret… http://yfrog.com/obrodjp”

“You’re going to be scolded if you get sick!!!”

“It was very very fun so I wasn’t able to take a rest!!!^^ There wasn’t any change after all~~^^ http://yfrog.com/obhhkzuj”

“The most expensive… and cheapest painting in the world…http://t.co/Pxo7wGib”

“You… and I, are being blessed… http://yfrog.com/odkp1rp”

“Spring rain.. The day that the sky’s blanket has approached me, and like that, slowly, time is aplenty… http://yfrog.com/mmj9dmp”

“ᆢit is this picture^^♥ http://yfrog.com/kkkmip”

(The rest of Yoochun’s translations are on twitter.com/yookcheoni)

Credits: joejjang, yookcheoni, 0101jyunshyu @ twitter
Shared by: DBSKnights, eternally5


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