[TWITTER UPDATE] 120429 Conversation of JYJ members

Photobucket [TRANS] I’m performing half asleep now…….Ha ack!




[TRANS] The world’s most expensive…and cheap picture…


Photobucket [TRANS] Cheer up!! Yuchun ah~ Let’s meet tomorrow

Photobucket [TRANS] @1215thexiahtic @6002themicky Let’s meet tomorrow~^^


[TRANS] Hyung~ See you tomorrow ^^

Photobucket[TRANS] Thailand’s elephants are endangered?? No way……my elephants.

Jaejoong changed his Twitter Profile Pic:


Photobucket [TRANS] @mjjeje: is this an identification picture? [referring to Jaejoong’s new DP]

[TRANS] It’s just a picture ~ I’ll see you later ~ ^^

Source: mjjeje, 1215thexiahtic, 6002theMicky on Twitter
Translation by: _alovelikewar + Yule @ PrinceJJ + Min @ PrinceJJ
Credits: JYJ3
Shared by: eternally5

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