The Secret Behind the Success of the Two Member TVXQ in Japan

No one expected this to happen. Even after the number of its members shrank from five to two, the number of its fans actually increased. TVXQ′s tour managed to pack in 550,000 people, the biggest audience for a hallyu singer. This is the story of TVXQ.

TVXQ’s Japan tour, TVXQ Live Tour 2012~TONE~, started on January 18 at the Yokohama Arena and finished on April 23 at the Osaka Kyosera Dome. All 26 concerts in the tour were sold out, and they even had to sell those seats normally made unavailable because they don’t provide a clear view of the stage at fans’ requests.

The group thus managed to boast its explosive popularity yet again.

When the group held its The Secret Code tour in 2009 with all five members, it gathered a 250,000 audience. The two member TVXQ was expected to bring in much less than that, but instead managed to gather more than two times its previous audience. The two members, Max Changmin and U-Know Yunho, also couldn’t hide their surprise.

TVXQ’s official fanclub Bigeast started over and wiped out its original member list after the group became a duet to start recruiting new members, but the number of members has already shot past 170,000. The number of the group’s fans has actually increased, as Bigeast for the five member TVXQ held 140,000 members.

How is the two member TVXQ gathering so much popularity in Japan?

The members said that it may be because “the two members are working hard.” Only two were left after three left the group, but the members delivered passionate performances just like they did for the five member group.

The members are now inching ever closer to their Japanese fans with their fluent Japanese. U-Know Yunho said, “We’re still not that very good at Japanese, but [our fans] will have seen us try. We tried to communicate with our audience in Japanese. That would’ve appealed also.”

An official from SM Entertainment agreed that the members’ passion brought them to the top spot they stand in now. CEO Nam So Young of SM Japan said, “TVXQ has been reborn after a two year hiatus, and is showing off 200 percent of its ability.”

Other than the members’ hard work, word that the concert is “one to look forward to” because it uses new special effects added to the success of the tour.

TVXQ delivered performances that were of an unbelievable quality despite having only two members. The 3D mapping effect, which screened multiple 3D images of the members onstage, especially made it feel as if the stage was almost literally filled by the members.

U-Know Yunho said, “We found that more male fans and families are starting to come to see our concerts. We believe they’re coming not just because they like us, but because they want to see a good show.”

Men and families could indeed be spotted here and there among the audience. The fact that the concert managed to gather 550,000 people when the group’s fan club numbers to just 170,000 people proves that a majority of the audience had come because they were interested in the show itself.

TVXQ will soon be releasing and promoting an album in Korea after a short break.

Photo credit: SM Entertainment

Credits: isyutar on Twitter,, CJ E&M Entertainment Portal enewsWorld
Shared by: eternally5


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