TVXQ’s Yunho smiles at a little girl like a father

A picture of TVXQ’s Yunho is getting a lot of attention.

An online community posted a picture of Yunho waiting for a plane at the Airport. In the picture, Yunho is smiling at a little girl, who is much smaller than him.

He is wearing a white T-shirt and red checkered jacket. He is holding a soda in one hand and a passport in other hand. He is softly staring at a little girl while smiling and wearing sunglasses.

He is also bending his face to look at the girl and patting her shoulder very gently. Yunho is already well known as a person who loves children. He automatically sits next a child and looks eyes with each other with a smiling face.

People responded: “A person who is going to marry Yunho is lucky.” “He is such a sweet guy.” “I didn’t know Yunho likes children that much.” “He is so great.”


Source: TV Report
Shared by: eternally5


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